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SRNT: 2021 John Slade Award, honoring members who have made outstanding contributions to public health and tobacco control through science-based public policy and public advocacy:  Patricia Nez Henderson

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Native Research Network:
     Promoting Participatory Research Among Native Communities 

Nathan's Story
     "Some days I feel like I am breathing through a straw." - Nathan Moose

Press Articles:

TEAM Navajo: October 2009
     Health Advocates Will Not Leave Casino Workers Behind:
     Gaming & Tobacco Interests Spread Falsehoods to Weaken Legislation

Smoke Signals: July 2009
     Oniyan Wakan Coalition Newsletter. Published July 2009

Smoke Signals: June 2009
     Oniyan Wakan Coalition Newsletter. Published June 2009

Tribal smoke shops pit health concerns against economic need.
     Indian Country Today; Published Feb 27, 2009.
     Featuring Dr. Patricia Henderson.

An Update on Cancer in American Indians and Alaska Natives.
     Featuring Dr. Jeffery A. Henderson.

Relationship of Medication Use to Health-Related Quality of Life 
Among a Group of Older American Indians.
     Featuring Dr. Jeffery A. Henderson.

Effect of Lower Targets for Blood Pressure and LDL Cholesterol 
on Atherosclerosis in Diabetes.
     Featuring Dr. Jeffery A. Henderson.

Glycemic Control in Diabetic American Indians.
     Featuring Dr. Jeffery A. Henderson.

The Strong Heart Study and the National Survey of Functional Health Status.
     Featuring Dr. Jeffery A. Henderson.

The Influence of Community-Based Participatory Research Principles on the 
Likelihood of Participation in Health Research in American Indian Communities.
     Featuring Dr. Jeffery A. Henderson.

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